This framework is intended to create an output and filtering path for internal messages/warnings/errors. It should typically be loaded to log such messages to a file in a standard way. For the options to toggle whether messages are additionally written to STDERR, see Reporter::info_to_stderr, Reporter::warnings_to_stderr, and Reporter::errors_to_stderr.

Note that this framework deals with the handling of internally generated reporter messages, for the interface into actually creating reporter messages from the scripting layer, use the built-in functions in base/bif/reporter.bif.bro.

Source File:/scripts/base/frameworks/reporter/main.bro



Reporter::Info: record The record type which contains the column fields of the reporter log.


Log::ID: enum The reporter logging stream identifier.

Detailed Interface




ts: time &log

The network time at which the reporter event was generated.

level: Reporter::Level &log

The severity of the reporter message. Levels are INFO for informational messages, not needing specific attention; WARNING for warning of a potential problem, and ERROR for a non-fatal error that should be addressed, but doesn’t terminate program execution.

message: string &log

An info/warning/error message that could have either been generated from the internal Bro core or at the scripting-layer.

location: string &log &optional

This is the location in a Bro script where the message originated. Not all reporter messages will have locations in them though.

The record type which contains the column fields of the reporter log.

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