Implements a generic way to poll connections looking for certain features (e.g. monitor bytes transferred). The specific feature of a connection to look for, the polling interval, and the code to execute if the feature is found are all controlled by user-defined callback functions.

Source File:/scripts/base/protocols/conn/polling.bro



ConnPolling::watch: function Starts monitoring a given connection.

Detailed Interface


Type:function (c: connection, callback: function (c: connection, cnt: count) : interval, cnt: count, i: interval) : void

Starts monitoring a given connection.

C:The connection to watch.
Callback:A callback function that takes as arguments the monitored connection, and counter cnt that increments each time the callback is called. It returns an interval indicating how long in the future to schedule an event which will call the callback. A negative return interval causes polling to stop.
Cnt:The initial value of a counter which gets passed to callback.
I:The initial interval at which to schedule the next callback. May be 0secs to poll right away.

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